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Our Mission

#waterheals is dedicated to creating opportunities for individuals of all ages and non-profit groups to experience transformation and fun through lake water sports–water skiing, wake boarding, wake surfing, knee boarding, and tubing.

We are especially passionate about creating safe and encouraging experiences for folks who wouldn’t normally have access to time on a boat or behind a boat. We love teaching people how to challenge themselves and then get up and stay up on skis or a board. For years we have watched water heal.

More About Us

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Who We Are

Jose and Kathy Escobar and an awesome #waterheals crew who help with ropes, flags, and cheerleading, too. Our chocolate lab, Reina, doesn’t help but she’s usually always with us and loves the water, too.

We are just ordinary people who love the water, grew up water skiing, and have been taking out our 5 kids and groups of people for many years on Standley Lake in Westminster–our favorite place in Colorado. From May through September every year we love spending as much time as possible on the lake, teaching, encouraging, and empowering others.  Standley Lake is closed for 2019 and we are grateful to be able to run #waterheals out of Boulder Reservoir this year.

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Making Water Sports Accessible

#waterheals is free to participants. Here’s why: so many activities are limited to people who have particular resources and we don’t think that’s right. We want to make water sports and time on the water accessible to all. We want people to escape some of the realities of real life for just a little while. We want to honor the hard work of nonprofit organizations and ministries with no strings attached. We strongly believe that what happens on the water is healing and usually always somehow translates to other parts of our lives; we love being part of that process.


We love what happens when people are on the water or behind the boat.

We love seeing single moms and caregivers who work hard day in and day out laughing and playing.

We love encouraging kids to try things they might not normally try.

We love watching what happens when someone pushes through feeling vulnerable and scared and gets up on the skis or board.

We love seeing groups bond together, cheer each other on, and learn new things together.

We love seeing up close and personal how water always heals.


Be part of #waterheals

We are part of Hope2Others International and all of our time and expenses are donated. If you want to be part of what we are doing in any way, contact us.

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